Friday, February 7, 2014

belated Halloween costume post 2

Cinderella dress made from flannel-backed satin with a sheer overlay. This was overdue from the year of Katrina! Made ahead for her best friend's costume party in early October. I had the most fun with the long gloves!
Ninja outfit in super-comfy black cotton knit. I made the pants from an old pair of mine about a year ago, but the top part is actually a hack of a crossover top pattern for girls; I didn't want to make an actual wrap because these are intended to double as pajamas afterward. 
I winged the mask and it totally didn't work the first time; after he tried it on I sewed the part on the forehead and that actually made it functional. It needed to be longer, but since this was literally the morning of the parade, that didn't happen. But yes, doesn't it look funny to have that much skin between the top and the mask! By peer consensus he won for most ninja-looking of four in his grade. :D 

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