Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snaps love!

I am currently in love with snaps and front closures, and thus snap fronts. In a few weeks, I've made: 
PJ's for P
Two uniform shirts for K

and a chef coat (with cupcake-engraved snaps!) for myself.
I mean, I have these: 

How could I not?

The pj shirt is pretty basic, I used Rae's placket tutorial (only 1 1/2" wide) with a few significant changes since I didn't want a collar... neatened up on the inside by sandwiching the neckline facing in between the layers of the placket, which I did from the wrong side instead of the right side. It's made of yarn-dyed shirting in an unusual green-purple.
The uniform shirts are from my usual Burda, with a Peter Pan collar, in cotton with blind hems. One has sz 16 white snaps and the other has hearts.
I'm proudest of my redraft of the chef coat -- collarless v-neck, short sleeves, slight side shaping. Made from poly-cotton broadcloth... have three more on the slate: in sea blue, chambray-look (with silver snaps?), and pale lilac.