Saturday, October 18, 2014

everyday dancewear

I am such a sucker for nice print knits. Lately my focus has been on Spandex-y/Lycra-infused ones for dancewear. I have amassed an embarrassing number of them and i do intend to make them, some with matching tulle skirts.
My first attempt was based on a baby onesie that snapped between the legs... it was way too short in the body so I had to add a bit of rib knit to the midsection. But look at that harlequin/argyle!
Second attempt: I actually bought a pattern this time; overpaid a little at a brick-n-mortar store for Kwik-sew 3507, but all in all it has worked out; I've made two of the simplest possible version, short-sleeved leotards, one in a periwinkle solid and one in a very soft floral.

Bolstered by the requirement for black dancewear for practices with the dance company in the winter, my third try was a long-sleeved zip-neck with a snap opening between the legs. I tend to do this, mess with a pattern to incorporate all the features that I want... in this instance, moving the zip henley-style to the front instead of the back, making the back one piece instead of two, and lengthening the bottom to make a snap opening.

This one actually came out quite good, the sleeves were way too large for some reason but that was quickly remedied. She's worn it once already, so far so good!
(More to come: I've extrapolated another pattern from diagrams and hope to work on that next, in black stretch velvet.)
I've been way late on the pettiskirt train, but this is what I have to show for my struggles with nylon chiffon tricot and gathering on the serger: 

Two layers of plain indigo and one gold-spangled layer over top, but I could have done with another small tier on the bottom so it doesn't angle strangely at the hip. I might still do that... if somehow I can color-match it 2" wide pre-cut strips. The cutting was by far the most tedious part!