Friday, February 14, 2014

long-overdue dance dress redo!

There was this beautiful tulle with gold flower spangles. Is it washable, I asked Spandex House. "For $3 a 60" yd?", he shrugged. Point. On the way to the cashier I picked up exactly-matching spandex, how often does that happen in such an off-beat color?
Not proud to say that I relied on squinted-at pix of patterns to make the first one, and it came out a good bit too small. K gamely squeezed into it anyway for her birthday ballet class last year, but you can tell that it's poorly fitted. (with bonus big brother photobomb, and crazed faces from both.)

It's taken 8 months for me to redo this; at first I thought to just add material at the seams of the wrap-style bodice, but eventually I figured out that I had enough of the spandex to make a whole new leotard with three-quarter sleeves (because she says she's cold in class sometimes), and a much fuller skirt with the rest of the spangly tulle.  I actually had to work a bit to pick off some of the flowers to put on the neckline, so I'm confident they'll stay on in the wash... 

It's only when they're put together that you can see how long it's taken me to do this!! It was a great success, and she wore it proudly to dance class the next day.

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