Friday, November 7, 2014

now for the boy...

Abomasnow is not really the Abominable Snowman, but a Pokemon who is close enough to that. He looks like a large amount of snow on some green fir.

At least P didn't want a generic costume! and it was easy to make this nice and warm... I already had a fluffy/fuzzy knit, super-comfy and soft, that I had planned to make a cape with. But it was perfect for what was basically a tunic and pants. (I only realized we didn't take pix of the front when we were already in the car!)

I used the Nature Walk pullover and knit pants pattern from Oliver + S, just like last year's ninja pants, cutting the top using seam allowances for a woven so it would be suitably over-sized. 
Patches in green cotton for the tail, feet and arms, supplemented by foam triangles for hands and back fins. Also, white fluffy squares on the chest that I had him cut as he saw fit.

back view... tail can't really be to scale!

The principal said no masks, so that kiboshed my plans for a finned/upward fringed attachment to his glasses. All in all, a good time was had and P was satisfied with the accuracy (and comfort) of his costume.

(I still want to reinforce/stabilize that neckline for pajama wear tho.) Win for Team Mommy-made!

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