Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter sewing.... Christmas outfits!

yes, I know I've been a terrible blogger. for all 2 of you out there. 

I had long wanted to make P a suit, and finally got around to it for their Christmas pageant... washable brown wool, Burda pattern. I didn't have enough time to make a new shirt for the pageant, so he wore the one I made for Friday masses. He has a bowtie made from plaid taffeta. (The dark orange shirt got made the week after, so he wore it to school on dress-down day.)
Franny's dress is a beautiful raspberry velour knit, with an organza underskirt, drafted freely from her bodice block. It has long puff-shoulder sleeves and a petal collar from the same taffeta, and silver snaps down the front. (I'm a dork because I bought these great grey tights from Hanna Andersson and silver shoes even before I made the dress.)
I'm so happy that I planned these outfits for them, because pageant day dawned 13 degrees F. All the other kids were cold (especially the girls) but P and K were toasty, even when we walked to the train.

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