Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter outfits, or good intentions gone astray....

The Pinwheel was a no-brainer. I mean, 

the pattern illustration even looks like her. plus no zipper. The bias, I made from fabric off the sale rack at City Quilter, and it has pinwheels on it! So whoop whoop finished, made in a size 5 it is a bit wide for her but not so it looks terrible. Just with a lot of room for longevity.

His was a different story. I've had in the the back of my mind (blame celebrate-the-boy and project run and play) that making a blazer was something I needed to do. Yeah, that didn't happen even though I got the flannel -- too many pattern pieces and too little time. Soon tho.
But also, practicality means that he needs more school pants. So the pants got made from some very nice wool (from which I had also made the wedding skirt). 

I'm actually pretty psyched that these tuned out so well -- adjustable/buttonhole elastic waistband, contrast pocket linings and all. 
The shirt is a cheat -- I made it more than a year ago, but it fits much better now. The bowtie will probably make an appearance in my Etsy shop ...

Jade-green brocade and pea-green silk, but a bit skimpy for an adult I think.

Overall, a snazzy Easter set with growing room.

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