Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When is a Valentine...

Blame Across the Universe, or spring, or thoughts of Central Park. But this is the least pink of all Valentine dresses for the Little; instead it is strawberries. All. Over. 

I'd bought this M pattern awhile ago but never tried it out; inspired by Liesl (of Oliver + S)'s post on a ruffle-sleeved flannel tunic, I decided that it was time to root through the stash, for a nice warm winter dress that was pretty enough for the day of hearts and flowers. Lo, strawberries! Actually, it's called Strawbeary... probably a long-ago coordinate for a twee teddy print? Bought it some years ago in the NYC fabric district. 

A bit of white eyelet made the perfect yoke, BUT. It needed buttons. Strawberries of course. (this is yet another case of, "if you could just see what I see in my head, it's perfect!" lunacy. Don't say you don't know what that's about.) But no time or inclination to go to the craft or fabric store in search of something that's probably not there when you're looking for it, KWIM?  Out came the polymer clay box, Xacto knife and a sz1 dpn. About 30 minutes later, voila!

And while I was at it, some hair doodads. because she got a new haircut and because I really am that craycray. Yes, they are mirror images of each other in gradient from dark red to pink.

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