Monday, February 25, 2013

I can see it in my head and it'll only take a few things...

I've recently become fixated on picture frames. Specifically, silver picture frames, which is my rather lame attempt at having a unifying theme for the family picture wall: the pictures are all in silver frames, and until recently we were all or mostly dressed formally and/or in white. I've since expanded it to include "dressed up" of all colors, but still all in silvertone frames.

This year, I've promised to utilize the supplies from my pan-crafting: I have stashes for polymer clay, miniature dollmaking, knitting, sewing and embroidery, cake decorating, pastry/confectionery/chocolate work as well as stuff for allergy-friendly baking, wood and light metal from miniature work, acrylic/watercolor/tempera/pastels...

So from that convoluted introduction, the vision in my head was to make a frame that looked like piped frosting. A visit to an art store (thank you, patient man at Utrecht) yielded a product name (Smart Spackle) but no luck with the actual product: I needed something that was viscous but airy and creamy like frosting but that would harden eventually and not chip, crack or shrink. 

A near-perfect storm of supplies from different genres: piping bag and tip,  gesso, wood, silver acrylic paint, rigid plastic sheeting, and the surprise special crossover: xanthan gum. Yes, acrylic gesso with a bit of xanthan gum pipes! and prettily.

The first is an unfinished wood frame from the craft store -- piped on, painted and sprayed with sealer. The second is (obviously) IKEA-hack with just the piping. I think I'll leave it white and use it in the kids' room. 
Would like it to dry shiny, but this idea bears tinkering with further...

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