Wednesday, January 6, 2016

T'was a pretty good year! Roundup post 1: sewing

Nothing like a nice introspective look over the past year to make one'sself feel accomplished, right? Somehow arranging pictures of projects within a pattern theme makes the most sense.

First, dancewear... there is definitely a learning curve to sewing Spandex/Lycra/stretch knits. This year I had fun modifying and tweeking commercial patterns (two Jalie and a Kwiksew) into the following:

Top row are the shortards that snap closed along the inseam -- the second from left is the latest and best-fitting, with a diamond-shaped gusset. 
Second row are the snap leotards -- with lace, skirts and color-blocking, and one with flower snaps along the raglan closure. 
I have a few more fun stretchy prints to use this 2016! It makes me happy that her acrobatics jazz teacher actually noticed what she wears. She's in advanced tap and ballet now so they only wear black, but in acro-jazz anything goes. (And there's still good variation possible in black!)

Next, Oliver + S sewing... the patterns Liesl Gibson designs work so well, I wouldn't think to stray from them even as I riff on the classics. Looking at these, the Field Trip raglan and Sketchbook patterns are the ones that got a workout this year. 

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