Saturday, October 31, 2015


This post was a long time coming! I started it in early September but didn't get around to putting it up. Bad, bad.... On a whim I bought a sewing machine. It's a Janome MC4800 that is probably as old as my Kenmore, but works very well and has a lot more stitches. Most important to me, it does five kinds of buttonholes, one of them automatic, and embroiders letters. (Still not exactly all I'd ever need, but more on that later.) So for now the Kenmore that has served me well, but I've had fights with lately, is tucked to the side.

I had originally been looking for second-hand embroidery machine for uniform monogramming, but I guess no-one sells them back :( . Lucky for me my dear brother-in-law has a membership at TechShop and they have a Janome MC350E, so as part of our fun and fabulous trip to Pittsburgh he and I spent an hour embroidering 6 shirts with the school letters. Seriously that place is amazing and if they had one near me I would happily spend hours crafting with metal and plastic as well as wood and fabric, they have machines that work analog as well as CNC everything.

But look what I have been able to finish with my new Janome -- as well as a look at those embroidered shirts.

It is a shame that the uniform rules are not flexible, because I would have rather made some oliver + S Parachute polos (I even found a knit pique fabric on Etsy) but those ribknit-to-fit collars are impossible to buy. (I might still get that pattern for sweatpants tho!) I got these from Old Navy.

The pants and shorts are all the Sketchbook pattern, with snap and zip fly and adjustable button elastic waists; I've also tweaked the pocket to make it fit P's hand better. They are in different fabric weights to carry into the fall and winter: poplin, poly twill, light drill, and denim-weight twill.
The skirts (one in cotton twill, one in poly drill) are a mash-up of the shape of the Sailboat skirt and the Badminton skort, with the Playtime leggings-as-shorts.

Thinking about it I do like sewing multiples of things, with little changes between... I finally got around to sewing up the idea I had in my head for an Empire-waist dance dress. It has my now-standard snaps between the legs and a pretty layered chiffon skirt. K likes it, and true to form more dancewear is forthcoming because she's doing dance 4 times a week soon!

Lastly one more hot-weather shortard. This is a great pic of how she likes it... you can also see how it snaps.

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