Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shortards! yes, I made up a word.

The latest addition to K's dance wardrobe: leotards that are shorts. Firstly, sleeveless for the summer, and second, one-piece dressing. I am very pleased with the slight changes that I've made to jalie 3138... added 2 inches to the leg length to make them more like shorts, and a snap-closure for quick bathroom runs. 

The first one, in a lycra swimsuit-type fabric; no changes except longer legs and snaps.

Lycra stretch , with self-binding and snaps.
The second one, with a little double ruffle and color-blocking in cotton knit... a little fancier!

Purple floral with a little skirtie.
The shorts part fits great! I might redraft a little because they bag around the armhole, or maybe that's just me and finishing the armholes on a regular sewing machine rather than a serger. These are great because no elastic is needed. 
Since she's dancing every day this summer, these will get a lot of use!

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