Thursday, August 22, 2013

Uniform hacking, the boy edition

The Easter pants worked out well, and were worn for the last few cold days of the schoolyear. Aside from that, we need new pants for warmer weather, because P's outgrown the length but not the waist of two of them; I was able to get a few more inches from one by adding a hem facing, and cut the other one off into shorts. But new pants were on the agenda, and maybe some shorts to replace the ones handed down to K. 

Prototype for a better buttonhole-elastic waist: Made from a nice heavy denim/twill, with orange-tipped pockets and detailing. I also redrafted the front to do jean-type pockets and remove the pleats. I will try another pattern for this (maybe from Ottobre) but overall happy with the results. I'm planning to swap out the buttonhole elastic for white so I can use this for another pair of school pants. Also, khaki snap!

The first one is straight-up from the same pattern as the Easter pants, Burda kids 9781, in a really nice all-cotton twill. I used broadcloth for the lower part of the front pocket and the inner pocket pieces, to reduce bulk. I did a better job with the buttonhole elastic waist on this one, because of the prototype pair. I also didn't sew in the creases, because this is an everyday pair. Here are the two pants from the same pattern, one washable wool and the other cotton twill.

So all good, the stuff I can't make is the logo apparel... actually okay with that, since it's just a gym set and fleece for K. We're good on the polos for now, but if he shoots up we'll tackle that later. 

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