Friday, May 10, 2013

Last month was all about red... Riding hoods, buttercream roses, velvet cakes. Thirty-one, fifteen (or was it 20? on a pink cake no less!) and countless layers (I'll hazard at least 16-17 all together -- rounds and sheet cakes combined.)
It's funny how staring at a color that you don't particularly care for a lot makes you see the subtle differences and you find yourself splitting hairs between shades. To wit, cotton voile from the independent fabric store comes in red... no problem, it's soft and natural and is a good price point. Circle over to the chain store and broadcloth is poly-cotton, comes out cheaper on sale and comes in 3 shades of red. Choices!! Lollipop or Tango? I like Tango better but bought more of the other shade because the sale crowds were frustrating... had to go back the next day and got more at a different price.
 If someone unlocks the logic of those frickin' sale policies, please let me know.

oh, and one last red thing: 

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